Are you closed? How to get people “buy” your ideas

The subject of sales is a hot topic and is a key to a successful business or career. Even when you are trying to get your colleagues to help you on a project there is an element of “closing”. If you have children, you know it takes closing skill to get them to bed on time or clean the kitchen!


This challenge of “Are you closed?” comes up regularly when delivering our Sales Accelerator Program but also in general business growth programs.


It applies to business owners and staff and is a key point of success:  

Conviction and belief in what you are communicating.

On the other side, a key point of failure:

Doubts and uncertainty in what you are communicating.


If you are having trouble selling your products or services for what they are worth…or find yourself discounting…or just find it hard to get people to “buy” your ideas…read on.

You may have the same trouble with your salespeople. In fact, I know they run into the same problem–everyone does from time to time.


Are you closed?
I’ve run across many business owners and professionals who are not closed on their own products/services. What do I mean by that?

I mean you have uncertainties around: price, value, why they should buy, delivering the product as promised etc. etc.

I doubt you started off this way. While building a business people are often excited and this transmits to the people you are talking to. When building a business (or career) you will hit a point where your certainty will cut through barriers and people will just “know” what you are saying is the right thing to do. They just “buy”. But over time… a few losses, a few bad deals, a few upsets…you can lose confidence just a little or a lot.


Close the closer

If you have uncertainties around price, you will get prospects telling you it costs too much etc.

If you are not sure it’s the best deal, you will get prospects telling you they’ll shop.

If you think 50% deposit is unreasonable, so will your prospects.

If you don’t think your kids will go to bed…they won’t!
Get yourself closed!  The first thing to do is get closed on your own products and services! You may think you are, but it can always be polished up to a higher certainty.


It is a fundamental of sales that uncertainties in the salesperson will be picked up by the prospect. For example, if you think you may be too expensive, prospects will constantly be asking about price or telling you it’s too much.

If you are not sure if the business area will do a good job on delivery. Guess what? You’ll get asked about it. Clients will want to know more. Put it off to check out your company more and so on.


What do you do about it?
You must get these cleared up. I sit down with the owner or salesperson and find out all about their product/service.

*Why is priced the way it is?
*Why does it cost that much?
*Why is it valuable?
*Why should the customer buy from you and not your competitors?
*What care is put into to the delivery?
In this process one can start to see the actual value of what you are selling. In essence, I close the closer! Do it and see…sales will come faster, you’ll stop getting asked questions you find hard to answer.
The other thing you can do by yourself; is run through every possible question which may come up. Work out an answer or handling for each. Then go and make the call or sit the meeting. You’ll find they go much smoother. Run through every uncertainty and make it a certainty.

And…DON’T BE SURPRISED IF NONE OF IT COMES UP! As I said at the start your certainty or uncertainty will be transmitted to the other person you are communicating with.


Your sales team
The same applies to your sales staff. Review their current deals and work the above over. Review deals that were lost and do the same. Close your salesperson on why they should buy the product or service.

If one salesperson has the “It’s too expensive” come up. Find out why they think it’s too expensive. Show them the value, get them to see why it is that price and the work that goes into delivery. In short, close them!

I’ve had huge results from doing the above with my clients. You can’t sincerely sell–if you don’t believe in what you are selling!

Good luck!

Oisín Grogan

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