Issues falling through the cracks?

There’s always an interesting battle in businesses between those who want to promote and sell, verses those who want to get organised and deliver. Well of course, you need both.

Always be promoting and organising.
Before we talk about organising, it’s important to have a great deal of promotion and sales occurring. It’s really hard to organise a business which has little to deliver, or is shrinking. Quite stressful to say the least!

The degree of organise in this situation, could go like this:

“John is in charge of promoting like never before”
“Jill will take all the sales calls and book the appointments”
“James will do all sales appointments and close deals”

We now have lots of sales…

Now we can organise the business to deliver efficiently and profitably.

It can get quite complicated when one looks at all of the hundreds of individual actions which add up to a product or service, but if we group these into roles, positions or “hats”. We can get efficiency and a team.

If the roles and their duties are not clearly known by staff in a business, issues can fall through the cracks…

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It may seem boring, time consuming, or even not that important. However, if you were to count up the cost of customer issues which weren’t handled because it wasn’t clear who’s job it was, you would probably cry. And if you are not an owner, that lost profit could have been your bonus! So you should cry too!



1. With your staff or division, write down all the key functions that must occur.

2. Clarify who does which function?

3. Write it down–so there’s no arguments later!

4. Do your job and it’s functions, enforce other staff do theirs!


Hope this helps.

If you’d like help clarifying roles & responsibilities contact us for a chat.


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