Oisin Grogan

Clarity, Growth, Freedom

Oisin GroganIn-demand business growth specialist, Oisin Grogan (pronounced Oh-sheen), has had his fair share of hard knocks in business. He knows what it is like to have debts, lack of sales, difficult staff, even more difficult clients and unbearable business partners.

All of the challenges that you face as a business owner, he has personally experienced, but more importantly—all of these difficulties he has managed to conquer.

Here are just a few examples of the results Oisin has achieved for clients in the past eight years:

– Finance Company – Number of loans settled increased by 4 times in 7 months.
– Manufacturing Company – New sales increased from $2 million to $22 million in 12 months. – Property Investment Company – Monthly sales increased from $180,000 to $1,920,000.

– Retail Company – Monthly sales increased from $660,000 to $1.25 million in 4 months. – Property investment company – Property sales increased from 5 per month to 35 in 6

months (that’s a 7 times increase in sales).
– Mortgage brokers – 500% growth in revenue over 2 years requiring only twice the staff.

Through intense study in business and management systems, combined with hard work, Oisin has built several successful businesses in many industries such as manufacturing, services and property.

After helping everything from start-ups to public companies Oisin has created a unique track record of being able to grow and streamline all types of businesses, creating $200 million in additional revenue and still counting…

He applies an exact formula that works every single time. And it will work for your business too.
Needless to say, Oisin’s services are in high demand.
He now dedicates his time to a handful of clients each year

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