Full Circle Financial

Clarity, Growth, Freedom

In early 2009, Full Circle Financial Services was generating a lot of new business, however there was no structure there to facilitate the inflow of this new work.

The production of the company was very reliant on us as the two directors. Clear roles for us were not clearly defined and we constantly found ourselves overlapping functions, thus double handling work and wasting a lot of time.

We were overworked and overwhelmed.

We were working in the business and knew we had to work on the business. We wanted to do this, but didn’t know how.

We began working with Executive Success in June 2009 and we have learned a lot during this time. Executive Success guided us to take ownership of our business—they never did the work for us.

Executive Success use an exact science on how a business functions and flows. Once this was implemented into Full Circle, there has been a huge effect on how much more time we have available to grow our business and look to the future.

We can now produce more with much less effort.

For example, in June 2009 we would receive 50 leads, which would take us over three weeks to book and see. Now, we can book and meet 70 leads within one week. We’ve been able to achieve this without hiring any more people!

Garry & Michael Pesochinsky, Directors