Frontline Australasia

Clarity, Growth, Freedom

Through the implementation of the Hubbard Management System our business has quickly turned around from “how are we going to survive next month” to “how am I going to handle all the new work the business has closed.” We now need to hire more staff to handle the increase in production—a problem I am willing to have.

The results of this management system are spectacular to say the least. We have cut $500,000 from our monthly fixed expenses giving us a $6 million per year saving. Our delivery times have reached 100% on time while overtime to achieve this has dropped from 33% to just 2% a saving of $120,000 per month.

My staff have been taking responsibility and ownership for their areas of the business and I hav been able to focus on new business opportunities. This years’ new contracts are $21 million compared to $2 million last year, with our profits at 4 times what they were same time last year.

The time and money we invested to implement this system was vitally worthwhile, the investment has not only saved our business but helped us grow.

Kevin Hooper