Rate One

Clarity, Growth, Freedom

Rate One

Finance Industry

Rate One is a mortgage broking and financial planning firm operating in Australia. Executive Success was engaged to help Rate One grow through the development of strong systems that could be replicated in multiple offices to allow exponential growth.

The Results

  • Group revenue increased 500%
  • Staff increases contained to 200%
  • Substantial increase in profitability

Project Impact

Rate One Results

“The Business Coaching we received from Oisin was instrumental in our business getting to where it is today and has set us up for future growth.

Prior to engaging Oisin, we had very little structure within our organisation across all levels. Oisin quickly identified that there was no unified goal amongst the owners and spent consider- able time facilitating an agreed direction and outcome for our business (beyond profit).

Once we had the new process tested, proven and bedded, it allowed us to grow quite quickly. It took just over a year to develop, but from when we first met Oisin in May 2013 to today, the monthly sales from our team has grown by nearly 500% whilst our team has only doubled in size. The process we built is so robust that we were able to outsource the key components overseas with only the barest disruption to service.

We have transposed the same structure and approach to each of the 2 businesses that work in conjunction with our core offer- ing and the results there are equally encouraging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oisin... the results speak for themselves.” Adam Nelson

Rate One Directors