Clarity, Growth, Freedom

Results from the Executive Efficiency Program

Today for me was all about achievement. Achieving my goals to sort out business related documents that have been lingering around for up to 12 months. Today for me has been about relief. A huge burden has been lifted. Now I am able to concentrate on my day to day business without being bogged down will all the ‘too hard baskets’. Already I can foresee what can be done with the basics of the program and it can only get better.

DN, Director: Building Company

The Executive Efficiency Course has made me feel more in control of my working day.  I have always since a child never been an overly organised person, throughout my working career I have implemented strategies to help me with this.  I have improved over the years though still had times of struggle.  The Executive Efficiency Course was the final strategy I needed to make it work.  I have only been using the system for one week and already I can notice the difference.  I have completed more in the past week than I thought possible.  I am looking forward to this system being part of my everyday without having to think about it.

BD, Design Manager: Manufacturing Company

Thanks so much for this process. It is simplicity itself taking a task and doing the full cycle of action.

Even the simple process of filing my business cards properly was fantastic.

I was fairly organised beforehand but having the process of how to handle new cycles in my mind now is going to be very powerful from my own effectiveness perspective.

HL, Managing Director: Marketing Company

I just finished the Executive Efficiency and for the first time in many years I?feel in control of all the external communication. When the 3 tray system was explained to me, I did not think it was a big deal. Boy, was I wrong!!! It is just fantastic, all this attention I?had on many little things has simply disappeared. I’ve finished many cycles of action that were only half done.

Now I feel in control, not like chaos like I was before. I believe this is something everybody should put in place, in their house or their business.

CJ, Business Owner

“I have had difficulties for a long time regarding organisation. Now, I finally understand how to put order into my business and daily environment. The steps you teach are simple, yet powerful and very easy to implement. I look forward to using these and achieving my goals, which are quite big.”

CA, Director Building Services Company

“Before Executive Success, I would arrive to work feeling a little depressed because I didn’t know where to start. Now I look at my workload without panic. I can see how we will become more productive as a result of having completed the program.”

RO, Director Printing Company